Greg, Szczyrbak, Librarian, Millersville University

Hi, I’m a librarian at Millersville University in Pennsylvania. I am supporting a couple OER projects including a Foreign Language OER Textbook.

@greg.szczyrbak Hi Greg, welcome to the Rebus Community! I believe @jruth has just embarked on an OER project to create a Spanish Language textbook. I’m certain Jeff would be interested in hearing about your experience with OER projects!

Thanks Apurva. I’ve already connected with Jeff. Besides doing projects in the same field, our universities are part of the same system. Thanks for bringing us together. :slight_smile:

@greg.szczyrbak That’s great to hear! :slight_smile: I’d encourage you look around the forum and see if there are any projects that interest you, or individuals with whom you would like to connect.