New Blog Post by Zoe Wake Hyde "The (non-profit) business of connecting people through technology"

“While we aren’t Facebook (we really, really aren’t), we are in the (non-profit) business of connecting people through technology. That’s not something we take lightly. We understand that the technologies we choose and the platform we create will shape interactions, for better or worse, as much as many other decisions we make.” - @zoe

Full blog post here.

**The big migration from Node BB to Discourse is done, but we want to make sure the platform grows (that’s why we’re particularly excited about the open API). We want to know what you think of the new discussion space. Respond below.


When I started tinkering with the new Rebus Forum UI, the first thing that struck a pleasant chord in me that one can’t ‘follow’ or ‘add’ anybody else, nipping the acquisitive stir-crazy behaviour (which Facebook-Instagram and Twitter foster in many ways) in bud. When it came to the acquisition of badges, the steps are meaningful yet rewarding, discouraging spam activity to lap up more and more ‘precioussss’. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing this, Sourav (and nice LOTR reference :wink:)! We’re glad that you’ve enjoyed the UI so far – despite the experience being slightly atypical to what you’ve been used to on other platforms. It’s important to us that you’ve found these differences to have a meaningful impact on your interactions in the platform.

We welcome all the feedback you have, and have a dedicated section in this platform to collect just that (Site Feedback & Technical Questions)! So please let us know how you are finding your experience in this space as you go, and as Zoe says in her post, we’ll be mindful and responsive to your and other members’ comments and need.

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