Zoe Wake Hyde - Rebus Community Lead & Product Manager

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Rebus Community! We’re thrilled to be relaunching this effort and moving forward in our mission of supporting collaborative, community-driven open textbook publishing.

I’m Zoe, the product manager and lead at the Rebus Community. I’ve been fortunate to be a part of this initiative since the beginning, and count myself a lucky member of the wider OER community as well. I’ve either been studying, teaching at or otherwise working with universities in New Zealand and Canada for over 10 years, and in recent times have been focused on open scholarly & educational publishing.

My work with Rebus lies at the intersection of many of my passions: a love of knowledge and information, a commitment to making access to and production of those more inclusive and equitable, and an interest in how technology can be used to serve those goals.

Outside of work, I like judging book covers (different from judging books by their covers, I swear), watching hockey, rugby or whatever other sport happens to be on, and taking very long train journeys.

I look forward to hearing more from you all and working together to create some amazing OER projects!

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