New Feature Release: Open Textbook Directory + Delete Project

We’re excited to share our most recent release, that comes with one feature in particular that will really have an impact—we’ve made finding projects exponentially easier.

1. Open Textbook Directory

Since relaunching our platform a little over a year ago, we have been relying on a static page to list all the active projects on our site, which offered limited information on each and made it difficult to navigate directly to a project homepage. We knew this was always a temporary measure, and are pleased to share its replacement: our revamped Open Textbook Directory (previously “Open Textbooks in Development”). The new Directory allows you to search, sort and filter by a number of options, including subject, date, and title. You can even view only the projects you are following or of which you are a member.

This tool will make it easier to see what kinds of projects are underway or released on our platform, and help connect people with the projects they are most interested in! We’ve also renamed this space to reflect that both in-development and completed projects can be found here.

Want to have your project listed in the Rebus Community Open Textbook Directory? Simply create a project homepage and it will appear for others to find!

2. Delete Project

We are introducing a simple delete project option, where projects with little activity can be deleted by a project administrator. Currently, this direct delete option is only available on projects that haven’t created any new topics or posts in their discussion spaces, so as to protect those with more substantial activity - the delete function is immediate and irreversible! If you wish to delete a project but receive a message saying the process cannot be completed, contact @RebusAdmin and we can either manually delete or archive the project.

3. Avatar Handling

We have updated how we handle user avatars on project homepages and in the Open Textbook Directory to resolve some issues reported by users. As a result, some users may notice that they have been removed from and re-added to their projects. This is a once-off action needed to updated the user information stored in our database, and once completed, everything will be back to normal. You can continue to edit and manage your projects as before.

If you have any questions about this process, or notice that your avatar is still not displaying correctly in some places, please reply to this topic and we’ll be sure to address the issue.

4. Bug Fixes & Other Changes

As always, we’ve resolved a few small bugs that were affecting some users, and polished a few of our existing features. Some highlights include:

  • Resolved issue where some project admins could not edit their projects
  • Resolved issue where follow button hangs for some users
  • Resolved issue with adding second-level outline items

If you have any feedback, or run into any issues with any of these new features or fixes, let us know below!

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I love the new open textbook directory. So much more useful!

I noticed some strange behaviour on Firefox 73.0.1 on Mac, though–the drop down menus aren’t scrolling there like the do on Chrome or Safari. Instead, they just all open up down the page covering the other page info. See screenshot attached of what I’m seeing on Firefox when I open one of the drop downs.

Aha! Thanks Christina! I’ll flag this for the devs to take a look at :slight_smile: