OER Binding: SOS!

Hello Rebus folks! I am looking for general information about binding technology for the printing of OERs, particularly those that can handle large texts (500+ pages). What infrastructure are you familiar with? Thanks for any help/redirection you can provide!

Hi Dylan! I might call in on some of the experts from a recent Office Hours session we held on printed OERs to answer your question. @wentworth, @lizmays – any suggestions?

Hi Dylan — while I don’t have direct or specific experience with binding technology, I can tell you that we at SUNY OER Services partner with Lightning Source, a subgroup of Ingram, to print our OER books on-demand. LS has a maximum page number of 1200, and we have gone right up to that limit in the past. We use perfect glued binding soft cover for our books and they seem to hold up well, even on the high-page-count books. The campuses we service often opt to run the print-ready PDFs we create for them through their local campus print shops, and I would be curious to learn how they choose to handle our heftier books (our higher-page-count books average around 600-800 pages); I’ll have to look into this. I hope that’s somewhat helpful/interesting to you!