OER print services

Hi there! Quick question for the Rebus hive. What services do you use and recommend for making print copies of OER? I’ve been recommending Lulu, but perhaps there are others.

Hi Mahrya, I’d say that it would depend on whether your goal is to just print the OER, or enable distribution of print OER. There’s a lot of choice, and here are some of the options that come to mind immediately:

  1. Lulu.com (or XpressLulu for just printing)
  2. IngramSpark
  3. Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon)
  4. CreateSpace (Amazon)
  5. Lightning Source
  6. Bookstores (on-campus, university, city bookstores)
  7. Espresso book machines

We talked about printing OER during one of our Office Hours sessions this year (which we co-host with the Open Textbook Network), and you can catch the session recording to see what was discussed. Hopefully our speakers can give you a good idea of pros/cons of each service based on your needs. Feel free to chime back in with questions as you weigh all the options.