OER for Program Managers: Introduce Yourself

Hello, followers and team members,

Please use this space to introduce yourself (Name, position, place of work) and to share what portion of the OER Starter Kit for Program Managers you are working on! For those of you following the project who are not writing the book, feel free to introduce yourselves and your interest in the project as well! We will have another thread specifically for questions related to the project. To start, I will introduce myself!

My name is Abbey Elder, I am the Open Access & Scholarly Communication Librarian at Iowa State University, and I am one of the lead authors on the volume. I am currently contributing to the chapters on “Getting Started with OER,” “The History of Open Education,” “Building a Team,” “Marketing your Program,” “Helping Faculty Find OER,” and “Ancillary OER Basics.” Of course, all of these chapter titles are up in the air right now, but they give you a good idea of the kinds of topics I’ll be contributing to.

Our other lead authors–Stefanie Buck, Jeff Gallant, Apurva Ashok, and Marco Seiferle-Valencia–will be lending their voices and expertise to topics like “Training your Team,” “Building a Grant Program,” and “OER Course Conversion,” among other things.

Thank you for joining this project and please feel free to share more information about yourselves below!

-Abbey Elder

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I’m Cheryl Cuillier, Open Education Librarian at the University of Arizona. I’ll be contributing a case study addressing “What do you wish you knew when you started working on this initiative?”


Thanks for the note, Cheryl,
I’m excited to have your experiences following the first section of the book!

Hi everyone! I’m Apurva Ashok, Program Manager for the Textbook Success Program here at Rebus Community. I have a background in literature, publishing, and have worked on numerous community-led OER projects at Rebus over the past few years.

I will collaborate with @stefanie.buck on the “Project Management Basics” chapter, and also work on the “Getting OER Produced in Print” chapter. I’m looking forward to digging into and building on the existing resources on these topics from OER advocates around the world. Overall, I’m excited to be part of this team and contribute to what will be a practical, informative guide book for those tasked with managing an OER program at their institution!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Regina Gong, OER & Student Success Librarian at Michigan State University. I’m excited to work with you all on this project. I will be doing a case study. I plan to share my experience in building an OER initiative from two vantage points: community college and research university. It is an experience that stands in stark contrast from each other which I hope I can capture through this case study.

Thanks to you all for all the work you do. Looking forward to seeing the final output of this collaboration.


Hello all! My name is Mary Jo Orzech and I am the Scholarly Communications Librarian at SUNY Brockport. I have been coordinating our campus OER initiative since @ 2017. I am very happy to be working on this project - I know I will learn a lot from all of you.


I still like to edit with printed text and a pencil so I never actually clicked the forum link and introduced myself! Anyways, I’m Bret Bienvenue, I’m the instructional designer & LMS admin at Tompkins Cortland Community college and also our campus OER lead. I was a reviewer for the case study “Lessons Learned from an Open Education Librarian.” I definitely learned some strategies I plan to work on implementing on my campus.