#OER: The Power of Social Media Storytelling

Topic: #OER: The Power of Social Media Storytelling
When: Thursday, 18th March, 11am PT/2pm ET
Guests: Leigh Kinch-Pedrosa (Head of Marketing & Communications, Pressbooks), Sarah Mease (Digital Publishing Assistant, Virginia Tech University Libraries), Karolina Karas (Strategist, Marketing and Communications, BCcampus), Symphonie Swift (Communications Specialist, OpenStax).

A well-planned marketing campaign can do wonders for your OER initiatives. Especially with limited opportunities to host in-person events and workshops for students and faculty, we have to turn to social media to spread the word. In this session, our guests will explain how they have leveraged social media channels to generate meaningful engagement with their OER efforts. They will explain how you can look beyond popular hashtags or trends and understand the stories that will resonate with people in each channel. Our guests will share key considerations when creating your social media strategy and identify ways for you to set up communications so others can easily reshare. This intentional approach to promotion and storytelling will help you maintain the momentum for your initiatives outside of global events like the recent #OpenEdWeek.

This session is now complete. Thank you to our guests and attendees. Watch the recording, or read the audio and chat transcripts:

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