Office Hours: Managing Inter-institutional Authoring Teams

Topic: Managing Inter-institutional Authoring Teams
When: 19 August 2021 at 2:00 PM ET
Guests: Donna Westfall-Rudd (Associate Professor, Agricultural, Leadership, and Community, Virginia Tech), Mary Leigh Wolfe (Professor, Department of Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech), Matthew DeCarlo (Assistant Professor of Social Work, La Salle University), and Jonathan Lashley (Associate Chief Academic Officer, Idaho State Board of Education).

Finding sustainable and scalable ways to support open textbook authors can be both rewarding and challenging. One approach is to foster collaboration, including across institutions, so that subject experts can share the load of content creation. In this Office Hours session, we’ll hear from guests who support inter-institutional authoring teams. They will share how they structure their OER authoring programs, what they’ve learned from working with multiple authors at different institutions, how they’ve resolved conflicts, and how their program design has changed over time. Guests will share stories from both consortial and institutional contexts, offering strategies that can be applied in a variety of environments.

This session is now complete. Thanks to our guests and attendees for a rich conversation! Watch the recording or read the chat & audio transcripts.