Office Hours: OER & Instructional Design Part 2: Student-Centered Development

Topic: OER & Instructional Design Part 2: Student-Centered Development
When: 2022-03-15T18:00:00Z2022-03-15T19:00:00Z
Guests: Iwona Gniadek (Educational Developer, University of Manitoba), Veronica Vold (Open Education Instructional Designer, Open Oregon), Brenna Clarke Gray (Coordinator, Educational Technologies, Thompson Rivers University), and Nicolas Parés (Teaching & Learning Specialist, University of Denver)

As a follow-up to our lively discussion last month, join us in talking about how to keep students and equity at the heart of our work designing and developing OER. For example, we’ll talk about centering our shared humanity when defining student learning outcomes, and considering students’ diverse experiences and contexts when developing content. What do you want to convey and impart through the material and learning experience? How can you make it as inclusive as possible? What do you hope students will come away with? What’s backed by theories of learning? We’ll discuss why it’s important to define your desired outcomes at the start of OER development, and how to use those outcomes as a touchstone while writing and publishing OER, when it’s easy to get lost in the production process.

This session is now complete. Watch the recording below, or view the audio and chat transcripts :
Thank you to our guests for such an impactful session!