Peer Reviewers for Introduction to Metaphysics book

We are seeking peer reviewers for the Metaphysics book in an open textbook series for Introduction to Philosophy courses. The series is designed for 100-level college courses, and is being put together by series editor Christina Hendricks of the University of British Columbia. The books are freely available to students and faculty and openly licensed to enable revision and reuse. We have so far published six books in the series: Philosophy of Mind, Ethics, Logic, Philosophy of Religion, Epistemology, and Aesthetic Theory and Practice.

Introduction to Philosophy: Metaphysics

This book is edited by Adriano Palma, University of Kwaluzu-Natal, and has chapters written by philosophers from multiple countries.

Chapter outline:

  1. The Ambiguity of Metaphysics
  2. The Nature of Reality
  3. The Case of the Mind, a Puzzling Problem
  4. Fundamentality, or What Grounds What?
  5. Numbers
  6. Free Will
  7. Universals
  8. Experimental Metaphysics
  9. The Problematic Contacts Between Religious and Physicalist Metaphysics
  10. By Way of Not Concluding

Peer reviewers

We are looking for peer reviewers for the Metaphysics book. Please see the Review Guide for the Introduction to Philosophy textbook series for information on what we would like peer reviewers to do.

We are seeking people with a graduate degree in philosophy, or students in a graduate program in philosophy, ideally with teaching experience at the first-year level. We also invite interested undergraduate students to be peer reviewers, to provide feedback from a student perspective.

Expressing interest, asking questions

If you’re interested in peer reviewing the Metaphysics book in the Introduction to Philosophy open textbook series, please send an email with a statement of interest and a copy of your CV to the Metaphysics book editor, Adriano Palma ( If you have questions about the project or the books, you can contact the series editor for the book series, Christina Hendricks.

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