Phase 2: Session 2 (1:1's)

@feb22a-cohort Please mark your calendar. We will be meeting for 1:1’s on June 24 during the scheduled time, unless you have requested an alternative time. Please go to the spreadsheet, then go to the June 24 check in tab to sign up, if you have not signed up for a time yet. I will reach out directly, if you do not sign up soon.

Next, I will need some information from you to prepare to meet with you. And you can answer these questions below on this thread or in the forum across from your scheduled time.
Some questions to share with me:

  1. Have you been able to post to the forum
  2. Have you finished setting up your page in the Rebus community?
  3. Have you updated your goals for next month in the forum? And if you are not placing them in the forum, please share a link. Think about what are your current goals and what will your future goals be?
  4. Have you made any changes to your project plan?
  5. Update any questions/concerns from during the month.
  6. How is your timeline and focus on your goals?
  7. Are there future topics you would like more information during our full group meetings?

I look forward to catching up with you and learning about your current project updates and helping guide you through Phase 2 of this program.

Do not hesitate to make any comments about your project or the June 24th 1:1 meetings. I will share with you the zoom link closer to the session.

  • Julie
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@feb22a-cohort I am looking forward to meeting with you this Friday, June 24, 2022, at the time you have signed up for on the spreadsheet for the June 1:1 check ins. If you are unable to meet on Friday reach out to schedule an alternative time. And review and post the above topics for us to review and if you post before our session, I can be better prepared to meet with you and your team.

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The zoom link is located on the Sign-up Spread sheet. So, just go to in to the June 24th tab to locate the zoom room to enter the 1:1 session. Be prepared to share an update, where you are at, challenges and future goals.

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@feb22a-cohort — hope you enjoy your 1:1 conversations this morning! Reminder if you haven’t booked a slot with Julie today, she will arrange for alternative times to meet with your team, so get in touch. :slight_smile: