Phase 2: Session 1 Monthly Group check-in (May 27, 2022 at 9:30 am)

I just want to remind you that our first Monthly check-in for Phase 2 is scheduled for this Friday, May 27, 2022 at 9:30 am. This session will be an hour long.

To prepare for this session go back to Handout Session 12 activities and locate your goal setting homework activity and continue to goal set and update and you will continue to work on this during the check-in session this week, you can also note challenges you are facing. You will share goals/project plans and challenges to the forum to prepare for June’s 1:1 20 minute meeting on June 24.

Please post any updates, comments, project plan changes or challenges, to this forum thread, if you need to share before session or bring these notes to share during this month’s check-in session.

I look forward to May Monthly check-in and catching up to see where you are with your projects and I hope that these meeting dates can help you define dates/deadline for goal setting and timelines as we work through Phase 2 of TSP.


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Thank you for logging on to the session Friday (May 27, 2022). It was great to catch up with everyone and here your project updates. I hope you are positive with your goals and plans to continue to work on your project.

As you continue to work on your project take some moments to plan to share out an update on your project, what goals your are meeting or changing, where your timeline is, and any challenges you may be facing while working on your project to help with and plan for 1:1 session June 24, 2022. Post these updates to the Rebus Community Forum when I post a reminder that the June 1:1’s are coming up. Please visit the spreadsheet, go to the tab for June 24, 2022 to sign up for a time for a 20 minute 1:1 session. If you are unable to meet on June 24, reach out to schedule an alternative date.
(There are additional tabs already posted for future months of Phase 2 1:1 sessions, if you would like to schedule a consistent time throughout Phase 2.) I will share a reminder of the 1:1 sessions coming up around June 15, so you can visit the Rebus Community Forum and post these updates for planning 1:1 sessions on June 24.

I also shared some Adaption Examples and Resources during session and created this thread to share them. I hope these resource examples help you continue to navigate through your project. If I learn and locate additional examples and resources I will continue to update on this thread, and if you find any resources you can share by commenting to the thread as well.

I look forward to 1:1 sessions in June.

I hope you had a great holiday weekend and had time to relax and recharge to return to your project and other work you do during this time of year.

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