Monthly Check-In: January 2022 (June 2021 Cohort)

Hello, @june21-cohort! I hope you all are doing well. We’re going to try a bit of a new structure for our monthly sessions this year. Beginning with January’s check-in, we will alternate between individual/team check-ins one month and then regular large-group check-ins the following month. So this month each team will schedule a 15-minute check-in with me. At least one representative from each team should attend, but all team members are certainly welcome to attend. No need for members of the same team to sign up for separate slots. Just decided amongst yourselves what time slot works for the team and add everyone who is attending when you sign up. Please use this form to sign up. Rather than having to attend our previously scheduled January 18 cohort meeting time, you can find an option that works for you over a two-week period. In February, we will all meet as a group again during our regularly scheduled time (Feb. 15, 1-2:30 p.m. Eastern).

Please let me know if you have any questions. If you haven’t already, please go back to our December check-in thread and share your most recent set of project goals. I look forward to meeting with you all and hearing about how things are going. Take care!

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Good morning, team, and happy New Year! My schedule has changed so I am unable to make these monthly check-ins on Thursdays, however, I am still on track with completing my draft this spring like lie in April. Two additional chapters have been written and we are analyzing the content to ensure that everything we want to write about is necessary oh, and that the things we need to write about our included.

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@june21-cohort — gentle reminder that there is no group check-in today, however you are all required to meet with Bryan 1:1 for a short ~15 minute conversation. The hope is that you can use this time to get more specific project support. You’re welcome to meet as a team, or just ask 1 representative from your team to chat with Bryan. If you haven’t booked your slot yet, please submit this form, also below, to do so!

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Hi Bryan and Apurva,
I have a question about embedding a Google Slide Presentation into my OER – I followed the steps Apurva outlined, but do you mind checking our chapter “Welcome to iPad Stop Motion Animation” and helping me figure out why the link to the presentation is listed, not the presentation itself?
Thanks so much for your help,

Hi all - I had a very helpful meeting with Bryan and Apurva, who gave excellent suggestions. My principal aim for this month is to convert the footnotes in the book to the correct format - so that they display properly and are more usable through Pressbooks, including in epub and pdf exports.
Thank you!


Thanks, Vaclav! I appreciate the insight from @joerdis as well. As an FYI - I have deleted your book from the Rebus Press (, since you’ve moved the book over to the CUNY Pressbooks instance and will be actively working there. Good luck as you pilot it with your students this year!

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Thank you Apurva - and yes thank you also @joerdis! :slight_smile:

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Accidentally posted this in the wrong place! :slight_smile:

Goals for January / February

  1. Recalibrate after the loss of a team member who went on leave
  2. Connect with Pressbooks at the University
  3. Team discussion - pivot to PEI or keep OBB? – can explain during meeting :slight_smile:
  4. Start test-driving some of the pieces with new teachers / tutors who joined the OBB team this semester

Goals set in January-

  1. Wrap up our initial draft of our book
  2. Integrate an unfolding case study throughout the book
  3. Continue regular meetings with the team
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