October Monthly Group Check-In (June 2022 Cohort)

@june22-cohort, I want to remind you that our first monthly check-in for Phase 2 is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at 3:30 p.m. Eastern/2:30 p.m. Central. This session will be an hour long.

To prepare for this session go back to the Session 12 Handout activities and locate your goal setting homework activity (located in our June 22 Cohort Goals and Timelines folder) and continue to goal set and update. You’ll continue to work on this during this week’s check-in session, and you can also note challenges you’re facing. You’ll share goals/project plans and challenges to the forum to prepare for our November 1:1 meetings.

Those November meetings will occur on Tuesday, November 22 and will be 15 minutes for each project team. You can sign up for a slot using this form. Please have one person from your team sign up for the entire team. The form will allow you to enter the email addresses of all the team members so that everyone gets a notification. If you’re unable to meet during the times listed, please reach out to schedule an alternative date/time.

I look forward to catching up to see where you are with your projects, and I hope that these meetings can help you with setting goals and timelines as we work through Phase 2 of TSP. See you soon!

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We intend to accomplish the following goals in the next month:

Finishing chapter 2 and starting chapter 3.


  1. Finalizing chapter 2-regression.
  2. Starting chapter 3-classification.
  3. Preparing Python program


  1. Having mathematical description accompany with conceptual elaboration about the methodologies to alleviate the complexity of the content.
  2. Python notebooks preparation for each topic.

Hello @june22-cohort! Thanks for a great session today. Here’s a recap (and chat transcript) of today’s meeting:

We started off by discussing the structure of our work together in Phase 2. We’ll have monthly meetings alternating between between full group meetings and 1:1 meetings with teams. If you haven’t already, please sign up for a 1:1 timeslot for November using this form. If none of those slots work for you, please send me a message with your availability so that we can schedule an alternative date/time. Our next full cohort session will be on Tuesday, December 20 from 3:30-4:30 Eastern/2:30-3:30 Central. Once I get the remaining dates finalized, you’ll receive calendar invitations for those as well.

As I mentioned today, we’re going to try to structure each of the remaining full cohort sessions around a topic of interest. I suggested licensing, accessibility, and review as possible topics. It seemed like there was some interest in those topics from those in attendance today, but I want to make sure that the topics we choose are beneficial to you, so please chime in here in this thread (or message me directly) if you have any thoughts about topics you’d like us to revisit.

In our future sessions, we’ll continue to share with each other about progress on your projects and your goals, steps, and challenges for the subsequent month. Please take some time to confer with your team about:

  • Goals: What you intend to accomplish in the next month, such as “write chapter X” or “get review process started” or some other fairly specific, well-defined goals.
  • Steps: Specific steps to achieve that goal, such as “finish drafts of two sections of chapter X in each of the next four weeks” or “write review guide and sample chapter next week; get emails with detailed review assignments out the following week; check up on review progress a week later; etc.”
  • Challenges: One to three things you think might be the biggest challenges to accomplishing the goals and steps you specified, such as “I’m having trouble finding enough examples for section X.Y” or “folks who said they would review for me have ghosted me recently”

Once you’ve decided on these, please post your goals/steps/challenges as a reply in this thread. I’ll post a reminder about a week before our next meeting, which is a 1:1 meeting, to update your post with any specifics that may make our meeting more productive, such as whether you’re staying on target with your goals and steps, if the anticipated challenges have been overcome, and/or if other challenges have arisen.

Additionally, when you make progress (e.g., having a sample chapter you’re proud of, a Pressbooks version of a part of your OER that looks good, a style guide or student agreement form that you’re ready to use with others, etc.), please share your progress with other teams in the cohort here in the forum. We can provide each other with specific help and general positive feedback.

If you didn’t get a chance to fill out the Phase 1 feedback survey yet, please do so. That will help us support you better (e.g., with special topics as mentioned above) for group meetings during Phase 2.

Thanks! I’ll see you next month! Please don’t hesitate to reach out in the meantime.

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  1. finish chapters 4 and 5
  2. record all the vocabulary for chapters 1-5
  3. proofread chapters 1-5
  4. find all the texts for chapters 4 and 5
  5. create vocabulary and grammar activities that go with the texts
  6. find visuals for each text
  7. divide the recording and the proofreading work and set up deadlines
  8. final report
  9. the end-of-semester burn-out is real; it is hard to meet deadlines; but December should be a better month
  10. communication with the platform management has been difficult at time
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