Phase 2 Session Four 1:1 Meetings

@june23-cohort I hope you all had a restful and relaxing break! My calendar for this month is still showing that our meetings are scheduled for the fourth Wednesday, but I thought we had discussed doing our 1:1 project updates and meetings on Wednesday, January 10. Here’s the sign up sheet.

If these times and this date do not work for you, please suggest a few others that do. I teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays this term but am otherwise pretty flexible.

Please include what you would like to discuss as well as a link to your project. I’m looking forward to updates! We have such exciting projects in this group.


Hi Liza and I don’t see tomorrow in my calendar either. I can meet tomorrow but it will need to be 2pm. Negin

@fouladi 2:00 PM EST works well for me! I’ll email you the Zoom link.

Hi Liza,
I had a medical procedure this morning and can’t meet today. Shall I contact my team and see when is a good time for us to meet with you?

Sounds like a great plan! I am pretty open—just suggest a few times.