Phase two - Session one (full cohort meeting) - September 26th

Hi, @may23cohort! I’m exciting to see how you are doing - in life and with your projects.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, September 26th at 3:00 EST. This is in my calendar already, but here is the direct Zoom link is you don’t have this in your calendar:

On the preliminary Agenda for this one-hour meeting:

  • Responses to Participant Survey from Phase 1
  • Probe for interest in themes for Phase 2
  • Discussion of upcoming OER conferences and workshops
  • Teams Updates - each team lead should be ready to share with the cohort what has been accomplished since our last meeting in August
  • Teams set goals, identify anticipated challenges and solutions for next month and post to forum (in-session)
  • Determine preferred week of month for monthly meetings. Tell group that an availability poll will go out to choose meeting time for future months (after session)
  • Claim a 15-min time slot with me for the next month (after session)

HOMEWORK - what can I help you with or facilitate during these full cohort sessions that will help you the most? Respond to this post and/or bring these ideas to the session.

Let me know if you have any questions! See you next week.


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