Phase 2 / Session 7: Full cohort meeting

Hi there, @may23cohort! We have a meeting coming up on March** 26th, at 12:30 PST/3:30 EST. There are only three more meetings! Here’s the Zoom link (it’s in my calendar as well).

Paula (from Western Oregon) has been excitedly working with AI to move their project forward, and will sharing this with us. And I will bring at least one other person to the meeting to talk about using AI in OER creation.

What else should we work on/discuss as a full cohort? How can I help you prioritize to move your project forward?

@kundas - you’ve already let me know about who can make it (due to Spring Break), but could you remind your team about this meeting, as well?
@minellmr - would love to have all of your team there! Could you send out a reminder?
@rbeinart - will this work for you and your team?

See you next week!


**I changed this from February to March, oops!

Hi - at least one team member from DSB can’t make it, but I think the rest of us can. I saw your message about having our team meet after the full cohort meeting - what do you think the timing of that is?

@rbeinart - we don’t have to meet, we can have a slightly longer meeting next month for the one on one.

@may23cohort - looking forward to hearing about how you are doing and how your projects are developing!

The Zoom link for our meeting this afternoon at 3:30EST/12:30PST is in my calendar, but it is also linked in the post above.

If there is anything that you would like to discuss, let me know!

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