Pressbooks or formatting questions

Hi all - I’m following up on something that came up in last week’s session, and thought this thread can also be used for other questions related to using Pressbooks or formatting your content.

I believe @AlbertFlavier asked for a sample Word document to use for testing how to import a document in Pressbooks. I attached a Word document in which I replicated a portion of Chapter 7: Memes from the Humans R Social Media open textbook. I hope this is helpful for anyone who wants to test out the importing feature in Pressbooks!

Here are the instructions for how to import: Import – Pressbooks User Guide

A few notes on formatting:

  • Some pre-formatting is required to ensure your content imports correctly. See Prepare Your .docx File Before Import
  • It’s my understanding that basic formatting in Word docs should tranfer over to Pressbooks (e.g., bold, italics, links, etc.)
  • However, not all desired formatting can be achieved by importing a Word doc, and will need to be added manually. You’ll see in the attached file that I added comments to note where certain formatting/features should be added (e.g., glossary terms, text boxes, image sizing, etc.).

I did not include images in the sample Word doc. Albert mentioned that he tried importing a Word doc with images, and found that the images transferred into the media library! (i.e., did not have to be uploaded individually to the media library). I don’t know if doing it this way retains the full image resolution, so that is something to check and see if it causes issues with displaying images clearly.

Word-Pressbooks example.docx (19.6 KB)