Pressbooks Training Sessions: Getting Started & Advanced Edu Publishing

Hi folks! The Pressbooks team is offering a series of recurring webinars to help orient new users with the Pressbooks platform, plus share their support on advanced tools and features. Sessions will be recorded and the relevant training portions will be shared on the Pressbooks YouTube channel.

The first session (‘Getting Started with Pressbooks’) is for beginning users and will take place tomorrow, July 8, from 1-2:30pm ET. If you’re interested, please let me know below and I’ll post the Zoom details to join the call.

This will be followed by an ‘Advanced EDU Publishing’ session - more details will be shared here once available.

The two-part training will cover broadly:

  • Introduction to basic Pressbooks tasks:
    • Creating a new book
    • Adding book information (metadata) and selecting a license
    • Creating front matter, back matter, parts, and chapters
    • Using the editor to edit a chapter (creating headings, body text, links, media, embedded content, textboxes, footnotes, glossary terms, etc.)
    • Importing content (from Word documents, EPUBs, XML, etc.)
    • Changing a book’s theme and theme options
    • Exporting a book
  • Demonstration of EDU-specific features:
    • Cloning an openly licensed book and using the source comparison tool
    • Adding tables, textboxes, and images
    • Creating interactive activities in the book (using H5P)
    • Using mathematical notation (MathJax/LaTeX)
    • Enable web annotation for books (with Hypothesis)
    • Making export files available for download to visitors
  • How to get help and front-line support for your network from published guides and network managers
  • Other questions and discussion

I’d encourage the @CWI-NLU-Adler-team, @GLOBALMUSIX-team, @wernerwestermannj to attend if you can make it.

@childlit-team - the first session might cover what you’ve already discussed, but the second might be of interest!

These sessions will be recurring, so if you cannot attend this one, you may be able to make it at another time. I’ll be sure to inform you when the next ones will be held.

So @FTWL106-team, you can think of attending a future session if you decide on Pressbooks as the publishing tool for your project.

This is something I was hoping to find so I am definitely interested!! It’s my job to handle the Pressbooks interaction so it’s perfect. It never hurts to review things as I may catch something new I didn’t catch the time before.

Perfect! I’ll send you information to join tomorrow’s call over Direct Message. :slight_smile:

A recording of yesterday’s “Getting Started with Pressbooks” session is now available! Take a look, and keep an eye out here for information about upcoming training webinars.

Pressbooks is offering regular training webinars starting in August. You can keep track of dates and register for sessions on their website.