Phase 2: April Session (July 2022 M-2 Cohort)

Hi Friends,
It was great hearing from some groups yesterday about the progress that you/your teams have made! In addition, we heard from Minh who was our guest today. Minh was able to speak from the perspective of the Publishing Support Team (PST) for ROTEL and explain the process of bringing your chapters over into Pressbooks and the various ways in which PST folks can help you flesh out any ideas you want to incorporate as part of your textbook. These interactive or textual elements include but are not limited to: H5P, inclusive image, embedded YouTube videos, etc. The PST team will be a key resource to you during the editing stage. If you were not able to attend today’s session, please be sure to watch the recording (notice the passcode below the link):


Passcode: Cj9@Gh4S

A few links &/or takeaways from yesterday’s session:

  • H5P content types–if you like a certain ‘type’ of H5P activity listed here, PST can help to create this for you!
  • See if there is an H5P activity already created for the topic you have in mind. You can search this via Google. Send the embed code or link to this activity to the PST team ( OR, if you find a different Pressbook that is on your topic/theme, at the end of that particular Pressbook web address, you can type in after the last / h5p-listing/ . That will bring up all of the H5P activities in a book for easy perusal.
  • Image Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Don’t worry about formatting, Pressbooks, or including activities yet. Just focus on the writing and/or the adaptation portion of your text. PST will have your back on the other stuff.

I look forward to our 1-on-1 meetings next month! I’ll send a sign-up spreadsheet for your team to choose a 20-minute slot with a number of options as I know folks start traveling when school ends.

As always if you have any questions or need some resources, please don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

Take care during this last stretch–you are amazing educators, and I’m proud of all the work you’ve done so far in OER!