Session 8. Ancillary Materials and Editing (May '21)

Good morning @may21-cohort! Today’s session is Part 2 of Content Creation. We look more closely at “ancillary materials,” including things like multimedia and sample assignments. We’ll also spend some time with h5p. I know many of you have questions about working with that plugin and this will be a great time to troubleshoot.

Towards the end of today’s session we’ll also begin to look at the editing process.

Here are the handout and slide links:

  1. Handout: Editing
  2. Slides: Editing
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Hi everyone, here’s the Session 8 chat transcript. During the session we covered a lot of terrain related to ancillary materials, focusing especially on h5p examples, training resources, and tips for how to get started. Here are links you might find useful:

As a reminder, you can sign up for a Pressbooks webinar to receive more targeted guidance in this area. Here are two links to help with that:

One more thing: We now have a dedicated space in our cohort space for discussing all things related to Pressbooks: Pressbooks Troubleshooting. For those who are using that platform, feel free to use this space to ask questions or provide tips as you make progress. I’ll monitor the space and follow up on any questions.


Our Week 8 session was split into two parts: ancillary materials and h5p, and then editing. It was really two separate lessons, with the first part focusing on Part 2 of Content Creation and the second part a soft entry into the revision and review process we’ll talk more about next week.

We spent most of the time focusing on ancillary materials and how h5p is an emerging solution in this area. As the resources in this topic thread demonstrate, there’s A LOT you can do with h5p. It’s not just one thing. In all cases, however, it adds a layer of interactivity and engagement that traditional textbook content would not be able to replicate. It’s based on an open ethos and really does capitalize on the affordances of OER. Most OER projects can benefit from at least some h5p implementation–although it shouldn’t be viewed as a requirement by any means.

We started to talk about editing this week. Next week we’ll come back to this topic.

Optional Checklist

  • Discuss with your team which interactive components and ancillary materials would be best suited to support the use of your resource
  • Encourage your existing team of editors to review your book outline
  • Outline the editing workflows so you and authors are aware of next steps
  • Select a style guide
  • Create a style sheet
  • Share your style sheet and editorial guidelines with the editorial team
  • Discuss best practices for editing, accessibility, and collaboration with the editorial team
  • Host regular calls or check-ins with your editorial team