Pressbooks Troubleshooting

Let’s dedicate this thread to troubleshooting all things Pressbooks related.

I’m trying to adjust the font size for a certain section of the book. Specifically, a table I’ve copied and pasted into Pressbooks appears in much smaller font and lighter print than it should be. But can’t find a way to change the font. This is what I’ve found on Pressbooks guide, but somehow it doesn’t work for me. Appearance – Pressbooks User Guide

Appreciate if you have any suggestions.



Happy to look into this — can you point me to the table in question in your book?

HI Apurva,

Here it is–

I’m actually can’t change any font, anywhere.



Hi Mei — the table font size and appearance are also sometimes controlled by the theme you’ve selected. One way to change the font and display options would be using custom CSS but the quicker way to do this would be to select a different theme. For instance, I’ve just activated the default “Malala” theme (which is specifically designed for open textbooks) and you’ll see that the theme styles for tables are much more in line with what you desire. If you like this look and feel, then I’d suggest sticking with this theme!

I also made a copy of Lesson 1 for you in the book, to show you how the textbox and table formatting could be applied, integrated with the audio files and H5P activities you are designing. Let me know what you think!

Thank you, Apurva! I tried it, and it solves my problem for now. Many thanks!!!
At some point later, I’d like to find out how to change font and font size for certain parts of text, if it’s not too complicated -:).


Happy to help!

We can chat about this later if you’d like — it will depend on what you’re after!

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Hi, Apurva. I’m interested in promoting the availability of my OER. Can you help me with that?

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Good morning Tracy,

Apurva asked me to reach out to let you know that we will be happy to promote your release announcement.

Can you let us know when all recommended final checks including front-matter, back-matter, etc. are completed, so we can include your OER in our communications? The checklist on this handout provides an overview of all elements Rebus recommends to be in place before release and might be a good reference guide at this point.

We are so excited to see the fruits of your dedicated OER work soon!

Warm regards,

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