Pressbooks PDF formatting issue

Anyone out there have experience with formatting the PDF export in PressBooks? We are trying to utilize textboxes and everything looks great on the web, but the textbox is not coming out properly when exported to PDF. It seems the margins of the textbox itself are too big. I know you can go into the CSS code for PDF exports, but that is far from my area of expertise. Any help is appreciated. I’ve attached attached a screenshot for reference.

That’s an odd issue, but hopefully one we can find a quick solution to. Could you share a link to the chapter? Any details about the theme you’re using & the trim size of the PDF file will also be helpful to troubleshoot. :slight_smile:

Here is a a link:

We are using the Andreesen theme. Margins as follows:
Outside: 0.5in
Inside: 1.0in
Top: 1.0in
Bottom: 1.5in

I can play with the overall margins, but the textboxes still come out to be wider than the regular text.

Thanks, Daniel. I see you’re also using an 8.5x11in trim size. Based on my tests, it looks like this is an issue relating to the Andreesen theme. In my test, switching the theme resolved the issue — could you try the same and confirm? I would recommend Malala, because it has similar stylistic components to Andreesen and also because it is one of the themes designed primarily for a textbook. With the Malala theme, you can also easily select different fonts for the headers and body text in the Theme Options if you wanted to change the defaults, without needing to work with the theme’s CSS.

I’ll also encourage you or @asantiago2 to report this issue with the Pressbooks support team, so they can make note of it and work on implementing a solution to the Andreesen theme.

Apurva, thanks for the feedback. Indeed changing the theme worked out, and I think I like this new theme better. I was able to finally figure out the css code yesterday to fix the issues with the old theme. I’ll still forward the issue to Pressbooks support.

No problem. I’m glad that this fixed the issue! Great to hear that you were also able to work with the CSS code to fix the issues in the Andreesen theme — this is bound to help the Pressbooks team. :slight_smile:

I’ll also say — the book looks good! You have a lot of content transferred quite quickly. I’m excited to see the rest come in. Going through the book, it struck me that creating alternative text for some of the images will be an important task (we’ll discuss this more at our session on Accessibility & Inclusive Design in 2 weeks) as you keep formatting. There are lots of tools in Pressbooks to help ensure the book is accessible too — when you are creating tables, exercises, formulae. I can bring this up during the session!