Book Cover - Uploading to Homepage

@apurva - I created a book cover that I think I like! But I’m having the same issue again. I designed it in Canva, and the share link won’t work. Is there an upload function that I’m missing? I’ve uploaded the image here. Thank you!!


Wow, Jenna, this cover looks phenomenal — very simple but striking! I love the details with the line elements. :clap:t5: Did you use a template on Canva or create the design from scratch?

I’ve been able to upload the cover, using the very link you shared in your message ( Are you able to hop on a few minutes before (or stay a few minutes after) our session tomorrow? I don’t believe I’m doing anything different to what you’ve tried, so I’d like to troubleshoot with you tomorrow in case this is a larger issue that may be affecting other users. Alternatively, could you share the URL that you tried to enter when editing the home page?

@apurva - Thank you! I can hop on a few minutes early to troubleshoot tomorrow. - Jenna (Oh, and yes, I used a Canva template and edited it a bit.)

Great, thanks Jenna. I’ll see you shortly. Good to know re: the template!

I’m playing around with fonts on my book cover…so uploading a new version. Is this readable?

I’d suggest checking whether the contrast between the text colour and background meets the WCAG standards, using this contrast checking tool. If so, you should be all set!

I wouldn’t have questioned the readability if you hadn’t asked haha. But since i’m over analyzing it, I wonder what the effect would be if the spacing between the lines was increased a bit?