Project Archive: Be A Tech Advanced Cultural Learner

This is a snapshot of project information archived on 2 September 2022. Please contact the project team for most recent updates.

Be A Tech Advanced Cultural Learner

Subject: Cultural Studies

Book Language: English

Audience: College students, cultural studies instructors, instructional designers

Created date: July 11, 2022

Updated date: August 9, 2022

Target Release Date: 2023-05-31


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Our team will create an open textbook on engaging students through emerging technologies. We envision this new textbook can help both faculty and students. Students are the primary users. With the help of the textbook, they can quickly get involved with cultural aspects, such as cuisine, music, city development, through diverse channels. Furthermore, the textbook will support students to choose fitting technologies as a platform to express and communicate their understanding to the instructor and peers. Last but not the least, it guides students step by step to use technological tools for effective learning. From faculty perspective, they can access exemplary cases and be encouraged to think how to customize new technology in their own classroom when planning to use an innovative technology.

Short Description:

Our project aims to serve a large student body in cultural classes in Humanities. The levels of the students range from freshman to senior. The majors served include MCL and English majors, including Chinese, French, Italian, and English. Since the project intends to serve all Humanities cultural classes, it will affect a lot of different types of courses including Core courses, courses required for major, minor and electives. We will start from the cultural courses in MCL, particularly Chinese cultural courses (CHIN 3342 Tales of East Asian Cities, CHIN 3343 Chinese Popular Culture, CHIN 3344 Global Chinese Literature), then after we set up a model for usage, we will expand into other cultural courses in MCL, English and other departments.


Understanding Learning Goals

This chapter will introduce students how to research the learning goals described in the syllabus. Students will learn approaches how to build their own learning goals and aligning them with the course objectives

Creating engaging learning experience

This chapter will cover a strategies and procedure that help students to engage themselves in a real world learning environment. It will provide technology that can improve engaging experience with exemplary applications.

Developing your own engagement

In this chapter, students will be guided to select a desirable tool that can help achieve learning goals and use the tool(s) to create learning experience . This chapter also has customized tutorials of each tool.

Beating the assessment

In this chapter, students will reflect their learning experience and goals. Then pick up a tool (format) to present the learning result.