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CCNY World Humanities
Subject: Literature
Book Language: English
Audience: World Humanities are general education courses. There is no pre-requisite…
Created date: June 8, 2021
Updated date: September 15, 2021
Target Release Date: 2021-12-20
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The priority of this textbook is to bring together all the readings used regularly for World Humanities I. These current texts are: Genesis The Odyssey Antigone Marie de France Dante Othello Oroonoko The textbook will include all of these texts in open source translations, checked for accuracy. It will also include introductions and (wherever necessary) annotations and notes. The introductions will help students to understand the flow and structure of the course. Although World Humanities I has an almost impossibly ambitious scope - ranging from Homer to the Enlightenment - and in no way pretends to teach a coherent canon or progression, there are nevertheless certain ideas that return and are developed. The aim of the introductions will be to draw out these continuities, so that students have a sense of moving forward in the course and building off earlier knowledge.
Short Description:
World Humanities courses are part of the General Eduction syllabus at City College New York. Historically there have been a series of three courses. World Humanities 1 focuses on “Great Books” from around the world, from Homer to about 1800. World Humanities 2 focuses on the period between 1800 and 2000. And World Humanities 3 is about contemporary literature. The ambitious aim of these courses is to give new students a basis for understanding cultural diversity as well as a critical insight into some of the key texts of what was once known as “Western Civilization.” In the last two years only World Humanities 1 and 2 have been regularly taught, in multiple sections drawing together students from across the City College campus. Although these courses have a standardized reading list (every section reads the same texts each semester), there is not yet a single textbook for either of these courses.
Content Creation
I am currently writing introductions to the readings. I am also searching for content from current instructors (including e.g. class activities).