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Introduction to Audio and Video Production

Subject: Media, Journalism & Communication Studies

Book Language: English

Audience: Lower-level Undergraduate Media and Communication Students

Book Cover: Intro Cover | Barth Cox | Flickr

Created date: March 5, 2022

Updated date: May 18, 2022

Target Release Date: 2022-08-15


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Short Description:

This book is being developed to support my COMM 274, Introduction to Audio/Video Production course. This type of course is commonly taught in Communication curriculum where there is broadcasting, digital media, or media production emphasis. My goal is to create an Open Educational Resource (OER) that Communication faculty can use in its entirety or in pieces for courses similar to mine. My course is primarily a project-based course, and I want this document to provide the fundamental information that students will need to be successful in the course. I welcome any faculty and interested parties who want to participate to create a textbook that students will use to further their academic and professional goals.


1. Elements of Production

2. Who’s Who in the Crews?

3. The Producers and the Preproduction Process

4. Introduction to the Camera

5. Operating the Camera

6. Looking through the Viewfinder

7. Audio and Sound Control

8. Light and Color

9. Postproduction

10. Titles, Graphics and Sets

11. Writing the Script

12. Directing, Actors and Performers

13. Field Production Methods

14. Studio Production Methods

15. Distribution and Marketing