Project Archive: Introduction to Physical Science

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Introduction to Physical Science

Subject: Physics

Book Language: English

Audience: Non-STEM college students , Elementary Education majors

Created date: February 15, 2022

Updated date: May 25, 2022

Target Release Date: 2022-12-31


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The primary goal is to develop a culturally relevant and accessible open textbook for the course “ Introduction to Physical Science”. This is a general education course for Elementary Education majors. The typical student population enrolled in this course is white female with the exception of 5% of students of color. The text will use the materials from existing OER for different subjects to create an open textbook that will incorporate current events and contributions made by scientists from minoritized backgrounds. Diversifying courses will enable students to recognize the value of diversity in science and scientists. In addition, the open book will be modified taking into account, current global problems , serving as a bridge between science and society.


  1. There are individual books on Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and Earth Science. However a comprehensive open book is required for this course. The content from these books would be contextualized , with the addition of original content with equity at the forefront. 2. Most of the textbooks that are currently published lack adequate representation of scientists of color. This includes pictures, discussion articles, historical mentions, etc. The proposed book will serve to include and diversify the materials . This will start with including key contributors from diverse backgrounds where relevant. 3. In addition to representation, it is critical to discuss real world problems as they pertain to all populations and groups. Current world problems that include but not limited to climate change, the pandemic and the impact of such issues on minoritized backgrounds will be included as research case studies . Such projects will bridge science and society and will increase the awareness in students about the impact of such issues on different populations. 4. Implementation of such materials in an open book is essential for all students regardless of their discipline. However, it is my belief that it is critical that students who teach the next generation of children be exposed to different views of science and its impact on different populations.

Short Description:

Physical Science is a culmination of different branches of science that include Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, and Earth Science. Students who are not STEM majors benefit greatly from a prior knowledge of these sciences to work in any field. This is particularly useful for education majors who will appreciate the importance of these sciences which will further have an impact on the students they teach in their careers. Female students make up a major population of the elementary education majors. The textbooks that are currently used do not represent these students which is vital. The proposed book will diversify course materials and also serve as a bridge between science and society by including real world problems and the scientific basis behind them, as they pertain to different populations and groups.

Students will be co-creators for some parts of the book.