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Lifespan Development

Subject: Psychology

Book Language: English

Audience: Appropriate for 1st and 2nd year college students majoring in Psychology, Health, or a related field

Created date: February 10, 2022

Updated date: May 13, 2022

Target Release Date: 2022-09-05


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I want this resource to serve as an alternative model for teaching development by looking at it through concepts, instead of ages, stages, or “normals.” I want to create something where students can understand the trajectory of change, and locate themselves and their lived experiences in the pathway of that trajectory - understanding how they got there and where they may be heading based on their personal contexts (biology, environment, and personality). And I want to use a pedagogical approach such as CRP to show ways that students can be invited into the learning experience.

Learning Goals Include:

For students to have a holistic perspective about how individuals grow and change over their lifetime

For students to understand what/how/when of change over time in: cognition, social-emotional states, physical traits and health.

How the trajectory of development in any / all of these areas is subject to both biology and environment

To understand that cultural expectations influence conceptions of normal versus abnormal development

More than anything I want students to understand that development is not particular to any one age or stage of life; we are always growing and changing in important ways. Those changes can be slow or sudden, and we don’t all experience the same changes - but we all experience change. The specifics of our lived experiences come from the interaction of our biology, environment, and personality, so each of us has a unique experience on a shared journey.

Short Description:

This book explores the major facets of human development starting at conception and continuing through death. Theories of growth and change will guide our look at how we develop physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially as our biological underpinnings interact with and change the world around us. We will consider development as a cultural process as much as a genetic one, always taking the time to consider the contexts in which development happens.



Theories of Development

Foundations of Life

Cognitive Development

Social-Emotional Development

Physical Development and Health

Concluding Thoughts