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The Open Anthology Of Earlier American Literature

Subject: Literature

Book Language: English

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Created date: October 21, 2019

Updated date: March 30, 2021

Target Release Date: 2019-12-31


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Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature

was initially created by Robin deRosa at Plymouth State University. Working with students, they collected public domain texts, edited them as necessary and created introductions for each to form the beginnings of a new, definitive anthology of Early American Literature. The project is now in the hands of Tim Robbins and the Rebus Community, who have expanded the texts covered and source introductions to each section. We are looking for collaborators to help us develop a more comprehensive series of texts and build the book out to meet the needs of Early American students and scholars. This textbook takes a

distinctly socio-historical

approach to introducing Early American literature. The anthology will allow students to engage with literature in exciting and dynamic ways. The table of contents has been drafted, and we are currently looking for introduction authors and help securing public domain texts.


I. Pre-contact, Contact, and Colonization

II. New England/Puritanism

III. Struggles, Revolution, and Nation

IV. American Renaissance/Romanticism

V. Abolition and Civil War

VI. Reconstruction and Realism