Project Summary: The Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature


Title: The Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature
Lead editor: Tim Robbins (Graceland University) / @trobbins1981
Rebus project manager: Zoe Wake Hyde / @zoe
License: CC BY
Target audience: Undergraduate
Subject: Early American Studies
Target Release Date: Winter 2018

The Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature was initially created by Robin deRosa at Plymouth State University (see Robin’s version here). Working with students, they collected public domain texts, edited them as necessary and created introductions for each to form the beginnings of a new, definitive anthology of Early American Literature.

The project is now in the hands of Tim Robbins and the Rebus Community, who will expand the texts covered and source introductions to each section. We are looking for collaborators to help us develop a more comprehensive series of texts and build the book out to meet the needs of Early American students and scholars.

This textbook takes a distinctly socio-historical approach to introducing Early American literature. The anthology will allow students to engage with literature in exciting and dynamic ways. The table of contents has been drafted, and we are currently looking for introduction authors and help securing public domain texts.

We are currently looking for:

  • Introduction authors
  • Public domain text researchers

Get involved by adding your name to the task assignment spreadsheet.

As the project progresses, we will also need collaborators to help with:

  • Copy editing
  • Proofreading
  • Formatting in Pressbooks
  • Accessibility checks
  • Marketing
  • Promoting adoptions in classrooms

If you’re excited by this project, but still not sure where you’d like to get involved, just sign up to the forum, and post below for project updates. Give us an idea of your background, particular area of expertise, and interests. We’ll follow up and make sure we find ways to have you participate!

This project couldn’t happen without your participation. All contributing authors will be credited prominently in their chapter, the book, the metadata and promotional materials. All editors, reviewers and other contributors will also be credited.

The Table of Contents is as follows:

Section 1: Pre-contact, Contact, Colonization
Section 2: New England/Puritanism
Section 3: Struggle, Revolution, Nation
Section 4: American Renaissanace/Romanticism
Section 5: Abolition and Civil War
Section 6: Reconstruction and Realism

For a more extensive outline, see here.

Here’s a list of useful documents:

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Help us make the “Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature”. Find out how to contribute here:

@trobbins1981 (lead editor), @zoe (Rebus project manager), @robinderosa1 (adviser/cheerleader), @hugh, @bolaigeefealabi, @awwweiler, @dana-haugh, @paulapreads, @carolkunzler, @charlotte.barrett, @corinne.hameltaylor, @hbowen211, @docjem1972, @gesina.a.phillips, @marykathleenb86, @M.Self, @patricia-bostian, @lrdavis, @emmaprobst42, @sonyaparrish, @robertpaulwilson, @carolkunzler, @gaynord001… and you?

@zoe Is that [HIST] or [LIT]? I think [LIT] no?

@hugh Whoops! Right you are.

So exciting! And I am very happy to consult and assist whoever is able to take this on. What a great project, and so grateful to see it will be able to continue and grow!

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thanks @robinderosa1 that’s great to know…

Hello everyone,
it is a pleasure to use my expertise in Research, Media profession and Marketing/Promotion for the success of this project as a volunteer PUBLIC DOMAIN TEXT RESEARCHER, PROOF READER, MARKETING/ PROMOTING FOR THE ADOPTION IN CLASSROOMS.

My name is Angela Weiler, and I am a Professor/Librarian at Onondaga Community College. I helped with the SUNY Open Textbook Initiative as a reviewer, and I am very interested in helping with this new project as an introduction author, copy editor, or proof reader.

Hello! My name is Dana Haugh and I’m the Web Services Librarian at Stony Brook University. I’d be happy to contribute to this project as a proofreader and copy editor!

hello @bolaigeefealabi @awwweiler @dana-haugh … welcome all! more info coming about what next…

Hi, I’m Paula Parslow. I helped proofread SUNY open textbooks, and I would also like to help with this project as a proofreader or copyeditor.

welcome @paulapreads … fantastic, we’re just working out the “what nexts” … stay tuned!

Re: [LIT] The Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature [lead: TBC]

I am happy to help in any capacity. I have an education background in English, Education, Library Science and Online Education. I have volunteer experience in editing, proofing and reviewing at SUNY. I am also very willing to help with the gathering of public domain texts, as I am a librarian by profession and LOVE to find and research. Looking forward to another great open access tool to help our college students afford higher education!

Excellent, and happy to have you aboard @carolkunzler. More to come!

@hugh Is there a lead editor, yet? Just curious. I can put out word in my library and on campus and see if anyone is interested if you haven’t found a lead, yet.

Hi @carolkunzler - we don’t yet have a lead editor confirmed so it would be great if you could put the word out, thank you! Much appreciated, and pleased to have you and your research skills on board :slight_smile:

Dear Hugh and Zoe,

I’m an English professor at Graceland University. I just finished a semester-long student-designed anthology project in my Early American Literature course. In fact, we even used Robin’s anthology as our course text.

I’d love to be a part of this project in some capacity, even if it’s just authoring or co-authoring some of the author pages.


Name’s Tim Robbins. Email:


Welcome @trobbins1981 We are thrilled to have you as a contributor. We will follow up with next steps soon!

I can hep with editing, proofing, and reviewing.
Thanks Charlotte

@charlotte.barrett Glad to have you contributing! More details to follow.