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The Woman in White: Grangerized - by Wilkie Collins and the 19th-Century Open Pedagogy Project

Subject: Literature

Book Language: English

Audience: Instructors, students, and enthusiasts, especially those in higher ed literary studies classrooms.

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Created date: December 8, 2019

Updated date: March 6, 2020

Target Release Date: 2019-12-10


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This is an evolving Open Educational Resource. We welcome additional contributions to the text! These contributions can take many forms, so if there is an additional essay, activity description, or another kind of resource that you feel would help advance the

goals of this critical edition

, please feel free to reach out. As an open pedagogy project,

The Woman in White: Grangerized

seeks to provide guidance for its contributors, especially undergraduate and graduate students who would like to support other students’ learning. Recognizing that not all contributors will have a background in contributing to critical editions, we have included a

description of general contribution guidelines

and outlined more specific resources for those wishing to contribute the following common supplemental resource types:

Contribute a footnote

Add an event to the print culture timeline

Share a supplemental primary text

relevant to

The Woman in White

In the spirit of transparency, we have also included a

contribution rubric

that highlights the qualities of well-developed contributions and contributions in need of further development.

Suggestions for improvement

: We care about creating an inclusive and thoughtfully-composed resource. If you have critiques to share about content or accessibility improvements to suggest, we would love to hear them and will take them seriously.

Short Description:

About the text:

The Woman in White (Grangerized)

is a participatory critical edition of Wilkie Collins’s nineteenth-century sensation novel,

The Woman in White

. Readers can engage with this novel as it appeared in its original serial installments in Charles Dickens’s periodical,

All the Year Round

, from

November 26th, 1859 to August 25th, 1860. The text’s supplemental essays invite readers to consider the wide range of ways people encountered Victorian novels during the 1860s and to consider questions about reading cultures and archives that literary critics grapple with in the present day.

This edition includes reader engagement activities and

learning outcomes

. It invites participants to

engage with others in the annotation layer and contribute to the text


About the project:

The 19th-Century Open Pedagogy Project aims to provide participants with the tools to create interactive teaching and learning editions of public domain texts from the 19th century. (

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About The Text

This section provides guidance for participants about using the annotation layer for social and private commenting and outlines participation opportunities. This section also includes a page that describes what the critical edition seeks to help participants understand and accomplish. It specifically highlights learning outcomes related to historical knowledge, connections to contemporary culture, metaliteracy, and communication.

Reading Histories

The essays in this section introduce readers to Wilkie Collins’s writing contexts during the nineteenth century.

Serial Installments of The Woman in White (1859-1860)

This section includes the full text of Wilkie Collins’s sensation novel, The Woman in White, as it first appeared in the pages of Charles Dickens’s periodical All the Year Round in 1859-1860. Its footnotes highlight changes that Collins made to the novel between its serial run and its first volume publication.

Contemporary Reviews, Adaptations, and Imitations

This section contains nineteenth-century reviews, adaptations, and imitations of the novel, typically introduced by brief statements about the context in which they appeared. We welcome additional contributions and explanatory details.

Contemporary Context

This section contains primary source articles that help to contextualize Collins’s novel. We welcome additional contributions and explanatory details.

Take Part In This Project! (Invitation and Activities)

This part includes information for participants about how to contribute to this text.

Participant Resources

This section contains an overview of research strategies and tools participants can use to research nineteenth-century literary culture. This includes research tools for those without institutional database access and a sample contact letter for students who want to reach out to the author of an academic article.

Teaching With This Text: The Technical Details

This section contains a brief overview of how to embed and share or clone and remix this edition.