Introductions for Contributors to The Woman in White: Grangerized

Please take a moment to introduce yourself!

  • How did you learn about this project? (Was it assigned as part of a course? Did you discover it through other means?)
  • What drew you to take part?
  • What are you interested in contributing? (If applicable, what have you already shared in the project?)

Hi! My name is Naomi, and I’m the initial editor and compiler of The Woman in White: Grangerized. This project first started as a component of my PhD dissertation, but it springs primarily from my love of teaching composition and literary studies courses. I’ve always been blown away by the wisdom and creativity of the students I’ve worked with and wanted there to be more places for that wisdom and creativity to be celebrated.

I’m excited to learn more from contributors, and I’m happy to talk more if you have ideas or questions to share.

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