Author Training and Lessons Learned

Hello! Our campus will soon begin to train authors. Does anyone have experience in this area? I would love to learn from your experiences and hear suggestions anyone may have. Many thanks!

Does anyone from @oct19-cohort or @feb20-cohort have tips for Denise based on your own experiences working with authors? Author guides to share, perhaps, or something in your workflow that you would like to have changed had you the chance to do-it-over?

Hi @denise.henry! I work remotely with most of our authors, so we rely mainly on providing author guides (made from the fabulous Rebus template)

Other things that have been helpful:

  • an orientation webinar to introduce the general workflow, author responsibilities, etc.
  • providing templates for chapters so all elements of the text are included and formatted (as) correctly (as possible)
  • a one-on-one consultation with authors to go over their project plan and communicating specific deliverables and deadlines.

@allisonbrown - Thank you! You’ve given me awesome, just in time, points to address in a kickoff session! I don’t know how I overlooked the author template - it is a fab resource to share.

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