Project Status Updates: Food Studies: Matter, Meaning, Movement

Welcome to Food Studies: Matter, Meaning, Movement!

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Greetings, @foodstudies-team !

Just a quick update to let you know that Amanda, Irena, and I are going through your submissions with pleasure and making some initial editorial notes that we’ll share back shortly. Our initial deadline for getting you this feedback was April 15, and we should be responding in advance of that. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

And, of course, take care of yourselves, eat some nice things, and stay sane!


Thanks for the update.

Hello, @foodstudies-team !

We’re very pleased to have learned that Food Studies: Matter, Meaning & Movement has received funding from eCampusOntario to support the technical and production aspects of the project. This means that we will be able to pay for a high-quality accessibility audit (to ensure compliance with various standards) as well as professional copyediting and some design services. Yahoo!

The news release can be found on the government of Ontario website, and another announcement is forthcoming from Carleton University.

Thanks again for being part of this project!

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Congrats David and team!

Very happy to be part of this wonderful project.

Hello, David—

Thank you for sharing your wonderful news!

I’m finalizing my revisions, as requested. In response to your idea to curate/guide viewers through the photo essay, I’m adding brief descriptive text preceding each section of images. I feel that this will make the photo essay more accessible without adding too much length, and hope that you and your team will be pleased.

With appreciation,