Project Status Updates: Marketing Handbook --Need Help with Posting Stuff

Hi there. I need some help.

I posted my intro video as a MOV file to my private youtube channel, yet when I copy the link into my Rebus book site, it is not showing up. Thoughts?

Second, my detailed description seems to have gone away. I can’t seem to copy it in again; it won’t save.

Any suggestions?

Hi Josh — I was able to get the video to show up by using the URL in the address bar rather than the video URL provided by YouTube. Because the video is unlisted (accessible only with the link), I think there was an issue cropping up.

As for the detailed description — I moved the 2 links you had towards the end of the description and that seemed to do the trick!

Let me know if you see both changes on your end!

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The video looks great! It gives the viewer a clear sense of the project, your goals, and what you’re looking for in terms of contributors. Great voiceover too! I used to teach a radio announcing and production course at one of my prior institutions, so the voiceover is always the first thing that I pay attention to.

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Thanks for the help. It is working well from my end!

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Just to let you know that I will not be in our meeting on Tuesday. It’s my wife’s birthday and we are hiking in the Green Mountains of Vermont.
Just an update: I have to contributors lined up and will be reaching out to two email lists in the next couple of weeks for more.

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