Project Summary: Ancillary Materials for Principles of Social Psychology

Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination (Chapter 11) I would like to help with this chapter : )

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@dr.chris.montoya Wonderful, thank you very much Chris! I will email you a link to the sample slide deck along with Kristie’s guidelines, both in the shared folder. Thanks again.

Hello everyone! I just finished my first slide deck (Chapter 5) and plan to finish my second one (Chapter 6) next week. @kristie-dukewich and @hammond-tarry have each finished their two decks. I don’t know how long it took them, but following Kristie’s excellent guidelines & inspiration it took me about 1.5 workdays to finish one deck. @jsspiegelman and @cheungb, how are things looking at your end (Ben, I know you have been very busy—Congratulations again!). And @dr-chris-montoya, please reach out if you need any assistance.

Thank you all again for your participation in this project. I know a few instructors who are keen to have the deck in hand for the Fall semester, so if you know anyone who can help cover the 2 remaining chapters (10 and 12) that would be swell.


@rajiv.jhangiani Got one done, still have the other one. Will get everything in asap. And thanks! :slight_smile:

@cheungb Wonderful! Feel free to upload (or email me) the completed deck. Thank you Ben. Really appreciate your contributions.

Great news everyone–we now have 6 out of 12 decks complete! Ben and I will add our remaining decks soon so with any luck we will hopefully be able to complete the entire set (or almost all of it anyway) by the start of the new semester.

Hi Everyone

I have just recently found this amazing site through a twitter conversation. My name is Debra, I am a brand new doctorate student ( today was orientation). After a brief discussion and email orientation from Rajiv I will be taking on chapter 12.

@ysac Hi Debra! Great to have you on board! I believe that Rajiv has sent you an email with the sample slide deck as well as Kristie’s guidelines. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me or @rajiv-jhangiani.

Hello Rajiv,
Thanks for this opportunity. I would be interested in Chapter 10.

@kelli.buckreus Hi Kelly! Thank YOU for coming on board. Chapter 10 is yours and you now have the links to the sample slide decks and slide construction guidelines. Please reach out if you need any assistance along the way. And, thank you!

Almost there, folks. Thanks to Debra and Kelli we now only need to locate a colleague willing to take on Chapter 7. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

@rajiv.jhangiani So close! We’ll keep moving and target chapter 7 on our end too.

I just uploaded my slides for Chapter 6. Together with Deb’s slides for Chapter 12, this brings us to the 75% mark with 9/12 completed decks. Nice work, team. For those of you who have already uploaded your slides, I recommend browsing through the rest (especially Kristie’s two decks) to ensure some degree of consistency in their appearance. If you see something that stands out from the rest of the pack please feel free to make minor edits. I will go through them as well to ensure that the title slide at least is consistent in the information they provide.

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@dr.chris.montoya Hi Chris. I imagine things are pretty hectic with the start of the Fall semester but I wanted to check to see if you need any support with your deck for Chapter 11? Many thanks again for joining this project.

@kelli.buckreus Hi Kelli. I just wanted to check in to see if you needed any support in creating the slide deck for Chapter 10? Also, thank you once again for joining this project!

Re: Project Summary: Ancillary Materials for Principles of Social Psychology

Hi @dr-chris-montoya and @kelli-buckreus. I just wanted to check in about the progress of the slide decks for Chapters 10 and 11. Please reach out if you need assistance (or let me know if your workload is making it challenging to make the time for this work). Thank you!