Project Summary: Inclusive Version of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

Introduction & About the Project

The Big Book, the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous, was originally published in 1939 by AA founders Bill W. and Dr. Bob. Its contents have worked for decades to keep thousands of people sober, and are considered sacred and untouchable by many. However, many alcoholics that have a desire to stop drinking using the program of AA are repelled from the fellowship because of some of the language in the Big Book - specifically with regards to gender and gender roles, and the Judeo-Christian bent of its spiritual suggestions. The Inclusive Version of the Big Book will ensure the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous is as inclusive as possible to even the most marginalized alcoholic, in keeping with the concepts, traditions, and the basis of the fellowship throughout its history - that our primary purpose is to carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers.


Every alcoholic that has a desire to stop drinking using the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

About the Text/Content

This project is focussed on editing the first 164 pages of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. We will ensure page numbers are maintained from the original publication for ease of use. The chapters are as follows:

[The Doctor’s Opinion (xxv)]

  1. Bill’s Story (1)
  2. There is a Solution (17)
  3. More About Alcoholism (30)
  4. We Agnostics (44)
  5. How It Works (58)
  6. Into Action (72)
  7. Working with Others (89)
  8. To Wives (104)
  9. The Family Afterward (122)
  10. To Employers (136)
  11. A Vision for You (151)

We will also compile a Foreword to the Inclusive Edition after the project is complete.


While the global license for the book is CC-BY, some differently licensed materials may be included so long as they are clearly demarcated in the text and any changes are made in accordance with the conditions of the other license. This might apply in the cases of images, videos, or sections of non-CC-BY text that are essential to the book. However, we strongly discourage relying on this exception in order to protect and promote downstream uses.


All members of AA are welcome to join the editorial team, and the team is made up of all AA members.

Support (if applicable)



Will be updated as the project progresses.

How to Get Involved

Please email if you’re interested in getting involved and making your voice heard.

Measures of Success

The goal of this project is to source input from as many members of AA as possible, to receive support from ⅔ of representatives at the AA General Conference, and have the edition be approved for official publication.

Working Draft

You can view the working draft in Google Docs.

I was not able to access the working draft of the Inclusive Version of the Big Book of AA. If it’s archived someplace, is there a way for someone like me to access it?