Promo Video for Seeking OER Feedback -- check it out!

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you the video I made for our HOME @ HOME Feedback Series, along with background info about the program in order to get feedback from parents to improve and expand our new OER.
This series is in collaboration with MediaSmarts for Media Literacy Week 2021.

Feel free to sign up and/or share with parents of children aged 9-12 in Canada and the US.
This series is also open to educators. :slight_smile:

Hope you’re all doing well, and feel free to ask any questions you may have,



Hello Jessie,
Thanks for sharing your wonderful site & video. Quite impressive!
I especially liked the ease of finding information from your user-friendly layout, various links and easy on the eyes graphics. Your inclusion of indigenous voices, and so many talented women, also resounded for me.

One small phrase was more off-putting. As part of the introduction, it would make an intelligent parent like me feel unwelcome. It felt like an insult that assumed parents “lacked skills”, whereas I believe you meant that “we (parent, students and teachers) can all improve” our media literacy skills. Aren’t we all ideally life-long learners?

I will also try to explore more of your content links, as time permits. (stop-motion looks tremendous!)

Best wishes for continued success on this endeavor.

with peace & love,
Pat S-C

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Thank you so much for your kind and helpful words about our site and content Pat!
I really appreciate that feedback about not assuming all parents and adults are media “illiterate” – I sometimes get so frustrated with all the misinformation and passive consumption of media that I forget there are aware critical thinkers out there too. :slight_smile:
Good luck with your project as well, and I’d be happy to speak about any of our programs with you at any time,