Reporting Accessibility Issues

Accessibility is an absolute priority for the Rebus Community. As we are creating & releasing our own software to support open textbook projects, accessibility is front of mind. However, we may not get it right all the time. In addition, our platform is run in part with a third-party open source software called Discourse, over which we have less direct control.

In light of this, we wanted to create a clear, transparent process for reporting and resolving accessibility issues. If you or someone you’re working with discovers an issue that requires attention, here’s how to get it resolved:

  1. When a user discovers an issue they can contact us either via Community & Site Feedback or by emailing

  2. In response, we will assess and document the issue and determine whether we are able to correct it ourselves (e.g. if it’s a colour contrast issue, we can change the CSS directly, or if it’s a problem with our custom software, we can investigate and find a solution).

  3. If we need to escalate it to Discourse, we will submit the issue to them both in their open community space and via email directly to their support team

  4. We request a timeline for correction from them and communicate it back to the person reporting the issue, and in a public forum (if appropriate)

  5. In the case where they are not willing to address a problem, or not able to on an acceptable timeline, we will consider allotting development time to the problem ourselves (they are an open source software, so we have this option) and share our own workplan publicly.

At all stages, we will aim to document every step of this process, except where a user may request privacy. We also welcome any input on how to improve this process! Please let us know if there are any ways we can make it more effective, and be of more service to the community. Comment below with any suggestions.