Review Guide is up!

@Civilizacion-team and @apurva Hey everyone, the Review Guide for Civilización Hispanoamericana is posted with instructions and links at our Rebus Project Home page (see the Description and/ or Resources sections). Please share with your networks and let me know if you have any questions. I hope you are able to help us with a review!


Thanks for the update! We’ve spread the word on Twitter and in our newsletter. :smiley:

@wardjulie, @s.warmker, @jruth — I wonder if you could pass along this call in your networks in case you know anyone who can contribute?

Hello, @Civilizacion-team! My name is Sean Gullickson and I’m a faculty member at the University of Kansas. I just wanted to let you all know that I’ve downloaded a PDF of your text and plan to provide a review. I’ve been working with graduate students on an open access text built around primary documents (, and it sounds like your project may be a great complement to ours! Looking forward to reading it in detail, and hopefully using it in conjunction with our own next Fall. In the meantime, thanks for the opportunity to read your work and I hope you all have a smooth ending to the semester!


Hi, @sgullickson! Thanks for reaching out, and for sharing your own work. I’ll share it with our Spanish language faculty and the author of this OER, Beth Small.

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