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Civilización hispanoamericana review

Subject: Language

Book Language: Spanish

Audience: 200-level (fifth-semester) college students

Book Cover:

Created date: February 3, 2021

Updated date: June 9, 2022


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This project is seeking Spanish-speaking peer reviewers for the open access textbook,

Civilización Hispanoamericana

. The target audience for this textbook is upper-level Spanish-language undergraduate students. Our vision is to produce a high quality, peer-reviewed, open access textbook to meet the needs of Spanish programs at centers of higher education around the world. This is an uncompensated role. Reviewers who complete the full review process will be acknowledged in the next version of the book. About You We are looking for book reviewers with native or expert Spanish. Reviewers with experience teaching the history and culture of Latin America are especially welcome. We seek reviews from faculty and PhD students, and we encourage interest and contributions from members of underrepresented groups. Next Steps Interested reviewers should read the

Review Guide

for instructions and links. Reviews are due by June 1, 2021. Please direct questions to the Project Managers, Jennifer Jensen ( or Ed Beck ( If you are unable to contribute, please spread the word in your networks. Thank you!

Short Description:

Un recorrido por la historia y cultura de Hispanoamérica, diseñado para estudiantes de la lengua española a nivel intermedio.