Project Summary: Antología Abierta de Literatura Hispana

Title: Antología Abierta de Literatura Hispana
Project lead: Julie Ward (University of Oklahoma) / @wardjulie
Rebus project manager: Zoe Wake Hyde / @zoe
License: CC-BY
Target audience: Hispanic literature courses at all levels
Subject: Hispanic Literature
Target Release Date: Fall 2017

The Antología abierta de literatura hispana (Open Anthology of Hispanic Literature, AALH) is a collection of public-domain texts from the Hispanic world, with critical introductions and annotations in Spanish by undergraduate students in Julie Ward’s Introduction to Hispanic Literature and Culture course at the University of Oklahoma. The AALH is intended as a freely accessible digital resource for students of Hispanic literature, and proposes an inclusive, broad, and evolving definition of the canon. You can view the first edition of the collection here.

We are looking for collaborators who will implement the critical edition assignment in their own courses and submit the student-created critical editions for inclusion in future editions. An implementation guide is available for instructors who would like to replicate this assignment.

We are looking for profs teaching Hispanic literature courses to implement a critical edition assignment for their students and to submit the student-created critical editions to expand the Antología abierta de literatura hispana (Open Anthology of Hispanic Literature, AALH).

We will also be looking for copy editors & proofreaders (fluent in Spanish) at a later date.

If you are teaching a Hispanic literature course and are interested in running an assignment with your students to help to expand this anthology, comment below with your interest and any questions!

Resources will be offered to support the implementation, which you can view in the implementation guide. These include:

  • Assignment brief
  • Marking rubric
  • Suggested assignment timeline
  • List of possible texts in public domain
  • Sample MOU for students
  • Guide to Creative Commons licensing for students
  • Community support from others running similar assignments

These resources are offered as a starting point only, and can be adapted to meet your course’s requirements.

The first Edición Crítica of this collection is now available!

This project couldn’t happen without your participation. All contributing authors will be credited prominently in their chapter, the book, the metadata and promotional materials. All editors, reviewers and other contributors will also be credited.

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@wardjulie (project lead), @zoe (project manager), @lakebrenda11, @mballantyne, @sebastian-higherlearning … and you?

I would like to learn more about this project. I will be teaching a Survey of Spanish Literature course in the fall. My email is:

Hi @lakebrenda11, thanks so much for getting in touch! We’re in the process of putting together the resources for the assignment at the moment, so I’ll let you know as soon as those are ready to take a look at. In the meantime, @wardjulie can answer any questions you have (although I believe she’s somewhere in the Peruvian wilderness right now, so might not reply immediately!).

Hi! I am Professor of Spanish at York College/CUNY and in the fall I am teaching the 300 level course on Cervantes. I would love my students to participate in this project. Please let me know how we can be part of this. Depending on the semester I also teach survey courses of Peninsular Literature too. I look forward to hearing from you. My email is

Hi @mballantyne! Thanks for your interest, we’d love to have you and your students contribute to this anthology.

I believe @wardjulie is still travelling for the moment, but I will give you and @lakebrenda11 access to a shared drive with the first of the assignment documents we have prepared. Julie has also started writing about her experience with the project here.

The folder mainly contains the documents that Julie used to run the assignment in her own class:

  • Edición Crítica Assignment Sheet
  • Critical Edition Checklist
  • Ejemplo Formato Edición Crítica

The plan is to create editable/flexible versions of these documents that can be adapted to any class or course, but for now they are hopefully a useful starting point.

You will also see in-progress drafts of the following that we are developing at Rebus to be resources for any faculty working with students on open textbook projects:

  • A guide to Creative Commons Licenses
  • An MOU between faculty & participating students

Once Julie is back, we’ll touch base again and talk in more detail. Thanks again for joining us!

Hola todos,
I can see that this project is just beginning, but I’d like to chip in. I am a native spanish speaker and particularly well-read in 20th Century latin american literature. My main interest is in fantastic realism a la Borges and Cortázar.

I’d be more than happy to facilitate access to important texts as well as general proofreading.

@sebastian.higherlearning Thanks Sebastian, that would be wonderful! We’ll keep you posted as things get underway.

Hi all, we have some exciting updates to share with you! The first critical edition collection of the AALH created by @wardjulie and her students is now available for use in your classrooms! Take a look at it here, and let us know what you think!

As well, we’re looking for instructors to run a similar assignment in their upcoming courses and produce student-created critical editions to expand the AALH. Julie has prepared a comprehensive implementation guide for faculty who will be conducting the assignment. Let us know if you are interested or if you have any questions by replying here!

Hello colleagues,
I’m teaching a survey of Latin American literature at Oxnard College in California this Fall 17. I’ve taught the class several semesters, and I’ve prepared a lot of material that I’d be happy to share. I’d also like to pilot some of the activities of the Antología with my students and share results, and contribute to this great initiative in any way.

@cmilan Hi Cecilia, that’s fantastic to hear! We’d love to see the materials you have. If you haven’t looked at it already, here is the implementation guide that Julie ( @wardjulie ) has prepared. You can ask her any specific questions pertaining to that document. If you like, we can even set up a call with Julie to talk about it in more detail.

@cmilan I’m sorry for the delayed response – just finished the first week of classes and got a little behind in communications in the excitement. Thanks so much for your interest! I’ll send you an email.

Following Julie’s implementation guide closely, I am assigning a critical edition group project this semester in my intro to textual analysis course at William Jewell College. This is the first course in our Spanish major and includes prose and poetry from Spain and Latin America from a range of time periods. Hopefully we’ll end up with some quality submissions to be included in the AALH.

@david.lisenby2 That’s great, thank you so much! As well, welcome to the Rebus Community! We’re looking forward to seeing the edition you and your students put together. I wonder if you have been in touch with Julie ( @wardjulie ) already? If you haven’t, please let me know and I can connect you both. This way you can direct any specific questions to her.

@apurva Yes, Julie is a friend/colleague I’ve known for some time. I was excited to see her post on FB about this project and look forward to sending along student contributions in the future!

@david.lisenby2 That’s lovely. We’re excited to see this assignment being implemented in multiple courses in the upcoming semester, and are so pleased to have you on board!

I am using this assignment for my “Literary tendencies and masterpieces of Spanish America” course - we have already started the semester and I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

@janzenr Hi Rebecca, welcome to the Rebus Community! Excited to have you on board this project. We’d love to hear feedback about how you think the assignment is going, and what your students think about it as well. And of course, we’re looking forward to seeing the edition you and your students put together!

I will also be using this assignment in my course about Nineteenth Century Literature of Spain. Hopefully, we will have something to add by the end of the semester.

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@mundaysa ¡Bienvenida, Pilar! If you have any questions as you go through the assignment please feel free to let me know either here or at Thanks! -Julie

@apurva Hi!
I teach AP Spanish and would love for my students to participate in this project. They’re a great group of kids and I think they could produce some quality critical editions. My email is Thanks!