Reviving this :)

Whereas, I went to our Illinois Technology Summit and OER came up a few times… and … I’m actually trying to learn enough JavaScript/CSS/HTML5 to create an interactive module for all those folks who don’t know times tables yet and … probably need a mess of basic number sense and confidence. I’ll bump back when I’ve got a thing that works :wink: My goal is a quiz that will go back and practice ones you missed (so many of my students have no idea what “spaced retrieval” feels like… I remember the student who after a full year of always referring to his times tables charts said one day “Wow!!! For the first time in my life an answer just came into my head! That feels really weird!” ) … so back to it I go because right now it’s quiet in the tutoring lab… GO OPEN :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Love to hear more about how the Illinois Technology Summit went. Kudos on starting to learn more JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 — may I suggest looking at Dave Braunschweig’s book Programming Fundamentals as a reference as you’re creating interactive modules? Perhaps it could even be something to add on to his book!

It’s always amazing to hear that kind of feedback from students. Makes me motivated to keep doing the work we do! Go open, indeed! :raised_hands:t5:


Thanks! I’ve had the fundamentals a time or two (in 1976 I was going to be a computer science major… and I’ve snuck in our community college’s excellent Java courses…) so it’s all about syntax and … trying to think about layout. It makes me happy that simpler layouts are more accessible… I’ve been using and browsing the forums and stackOverflow … but next is to go back to my javascript and break functions apart into smaller objects (those Java courses taught me I could rein my spaghetti-linear brain in and organize ideas and objects and their relationships better).

I’ve been following Twitter about things #OpenEd19 … and Kona Jones tells me that two Illinois community college groups will be putting on a thing April 17 in Springfield “low cost, hands-on, faculty focused.”

Sounds great — will you be attending next year?

I’ll definitely be attending the Illinois one. Since David Wiley announced that was the last of their putting on #OpenEd… it depends what the options are…

Excellent, well we’ll look forward to a report from you after you’ve attended. If you haven’t come across this on Twitter, there’s a form going around welcoming community input on options for future conferences/the future of that particular one: You could share your thoughts there, if you were interested!

Oh, thanks! I saw the spreadsheet with the 43 replies they’ve gotten, but hadn’t seen the actual link.

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