September 9: Monthly Check-in

Hi @feb20-cohort. Another month has flown by, and we’ll be checking in next Wednesday, Sept. 9, at 9am ET on Zoom. I look forward to hearing how you’ve all been, and discussing any questions, challenges, or milestones you want to share when we talk.

This time, our mini-session will focus on classroom review. Take a look at the documents for this conversation:

  1. Handout: Classroom Review
  2. Slides: Classroom Review

@feb20-cohort - thank you all for joining our check-in yesterday amidst what is a very busy time of the year! Take a look at the slides and handout for our mini-session on classroom review. And catch up on the other highlights which I’ve rounded up below:

  • The GEM English team has completed their book, and are piloting it in courses this Fall! Take a look at Write What Matters, ideal for ENGL 101 and ENGL 102 courses. Expect to see additions around anti-homophobia and other LGBTQI resources, and small revisions as students provide feedback. Congrats, team! :tada: :raised_hands:t5:
  • Lots of teams in addition to the English group are piloting their works-in-progress in classrooms this term: both GVSU projects (Interprofressional Education Lab Manual and Language Disorders in School Age Children), the Geology team (The Story of Earth), the non-STEM Algebra team, and from last month’s update, the German group as well (Grammar to Accompany Deutsch im Blick). Eager to hear how this process works for everyone, and learn from your experiences.
  • Despite the business of the year, project work is progressing. Books are taking shape as teams like the Penn State group move away from writing into formatting. And those at the GVSU library are having conversations about how to keep supporting creators as the semester continues, and in the longer term.
  • Our next check-in is on October 7. Think about what you’d like us to discuss! As for November, we will revisit whether there is a need to move the date of the check-in (currently slated for November 4).

As usual, our chat transcript has been saved for reference. These are the resources that were shared: