Session 1: Introductions (C Cohort Summary and Updates)

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Hello again, @oct22-c-cohort !
It was wonderful to meet so many of you, and see all teams in our cohort represented at our first session! Here is a link to our chat.

The main focus of yesterday’s session was to get to know one another, understand how our sessions will be structured, and learn about Rebus’ tools and approaches.

We also spent a bit of time discussing Rebus’ collaborative approach to publishing, and how a larger community around a resource can not only make it stronger, but also help maintain it down the line. Our approach hinges on thinking about communications, accessibility, formatting, and more at each stage to really harness the global potential of OER. And these stages can and most likely will be flexible, and thus play out in different ways for each team — that’s what the model is built to do!

We also discussed the tools we use for the Textbook Success Program like Curriculum Hub in Google, for instance, we also mentioned the Rebus Community Forum, where this recap is posted and where we will conveniently streamline ALL our cohort communication. All materials will be available to you throughout the program. We encourage you to share your questions here! Please note that you can use the tag @oct22-c-cohort for conversations that include all cohort members. In addition, you can also write direct messages to individuals, not only in your cohort, but the entire forum space. Refer to the video tutorials in your handout for a more in-depth overview of the forum and its features.

THIS WEEK: If you haven’t yet, I kindly ask you to complete this week’s activities as outlined in your session handout 1:

  1. Write a brief introduction to the forum titled: Who’s in the cohort? including your role on the project and the dream goal you have for it.
  2. Agree to the Memorandum of Understanding for our cohort.

FOR NEXT WEEK: To let each other know of the progress you are making as you are working through the tasks of the week, I kindly request that you share your team updates with me and the cohort by replying to this post with the following information. Please make sure to post prior to our next session, so I can read what you write and prepare my responses:

  1. What activities have you managed to complete?

  2. What challenges have you faced and what solutions have you found to address those?

  3. Leave a few thoughts around the items that excite you, you would like to know more about, or you have questions about with regards to the upcoming Session 2: Project Scoping [Read the initial 5 slides]

If you have any questions or need any clarification on anything, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Looking forward to seeing you all next week!

Amy :smile:

I’m responding for the Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) cohort.

Our team will soon be completing our tasks from session one. I am most looking forward to discussing the importance of course learning outcomes because they are important part of effective instructional design and planning.

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Hi, I’m posting an update on behalf of the Environmental Science team in Cohort C. Thus far, we’ve had one Zoom meeting as a team, and two members were unable to attend. We’ve set up a communication and organization platform using Basecamp, and preliminary posts and materials have been shared there. Individually, we’ve been posting in the forums. Challenge: due to everyone’s schedules and the remote asynchronous nature of things, we haven’t had enough significant time together as a group to communicate and brainstorm. We need the guidance from the Rebus meeting today, as well.

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Thank you for the update from your team, Khalil. I look forward to your initial conversation about SLOs–you’re right…they drive the planning process!

Thank you for the update from your team, Andrea! You will have time today to connect with your team. I’m happy to hear you set up a Basecamp. That will allow you all to have a common communication and organizational platform, and I’ve seen a lot of success from teams using that tool. :slight_smile:

I am responding on behalf of the Criminal Justice cohort. This week we focused on learning to navigate Rebus, meeting other team mates and formulating ideas for establishing a working structure.

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I’m with the Developmental Psychology team. We focused on getting to know each other and each person’s priorities for the project. I signed the MOU. We focused on how to navigate Rebus.

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