Session 1: Introductions

Hello my name is Tanganika Johnson, I am an instructor of Biology at Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge. I hope to gain a lot of knowledge in creating OER materials and I look forward to working with everyone.

Hello Everyone. I’m Monica Farris, an Asst Professor in Planning & Urban Studies at UNO and Director of UNO-CHART. I’m a political scientist and a Certified Floodplain Manager. I have worked with local floodplain managers for almost 20 years and look forward to learning more about OER and how our work can help build capacity in floodplain management across our state.

Hello Everyone, I am excited to be working on this project with all of you! I will be working on Anatomy and Physiology II Lecture and Lab. I have been teaching at Baton Rouge Community College for over 20 years. My area of expertise includes Biology, Anatomy & Physiology. This is my first time working in a Cohort to create OER resources. I look forward to learning and being able to gain more insight into the creative process.

Hello! My name is Melissa Johnson. I am an Assistant Professor and Program Leader for the Human Nutrition and Food Program at Southern University and A&M College. I am a member and subject matter expert of the Nutrition Team. I have heard of OER, but this is my first time being a member of the OER course development faculty team. It is my goal that through this project we will create a masterpiece that will make nutrition more practical and exciting for the individual. Furthermore, I believe that our created resource will expand the scope and reach of the field of nutrition. I am excited to work with other subject matter experts and our team leader!

Hello everyone,

I am excited to be leading the Nutrition cohort with five fantastic subject matter experts from across the state. In my day job, I am Assistant Director of Library Services and OER Coordinator at Northshore Technical Community College in Hammond.

Hi Everyone, My name is Latoya Paul and I am an Assistant Professor at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University. I have served on a previous OER project cohort with LOUIS and hope to continue to build upon and enhance my knowledge and training in OER creation. I am interested in providing students affordable (cost-free) options to supplemental their learning. I excited to be apart of making these resources for students.

Hello everyone,
My name is Beatrice Eweni. I am a Professor of Nursing at Delgado Community college. I will be working on Med-surg 11. I have been a med-surg nurse for 30 years and have been teaching med-surg for fourteen years, I do not have experience with OER. I am willing to learn
My PhD dissertation is based on the connections between classroom instructions nursing performance outcomes. I am always interested in learning various ways to enhance students’ learning. I am hoping to gain more knowledge through participation in this project

Hello all. My name is Joel George. I am a professor of criminal justice and a former criminal justice practitioner. I am looking forward to collaborating to create a resourceful tool for students.

Hello Everyone,
I am currently Faculty at South Louisiana Community College. I am a retired full professor in Medicine licensed in Istanbul Turkey.
I am thrilled and excited to be a part of this amazing project. I would love to be in a team to create a wonderful source for Human nutrition. We know that most preventable diseases can be treated with healthy nutrition and lifestyle. This project is goanna increase the number of students who can spread the word about food and health relationship, and it would be very beneficial to our community. I believe the best and most painless treatment is to prevent disease rather than treating them with medicine and surgeries. I hate seeing people suffering from diseases. I believe this collective work will increase my experience, vision and learnings about human nutrition.
My Background is with fourteen years of experience as a lecturer in obstetrics and gynecology in medical faculties. I have been honored to teach and work as a lecturer to medical students, residents, health technicians, nurses, and midwives in both clinical, laboratory, and theoretical settings. Clinical experience as a medical doctor in obstetrics and gynecology since 1995. Clinical Experience in Fetal and Maternal Medicine(perinatology) since 2003. Became an associate professor in 2007 and a full professor in 2014. After moving to Lafayette, I am honored to teach at SLCC as an adjunct instructor followed by full time faculty from 2020 to 2023. I have been humbled by being a chapter author of published medical books and published and cited SSCI indexed articles.

Hi everyone. I’m the director of the LaHouse Research and Education Center at the LSU AgCenter, where we focus on resilient, sustainable, and healthy homes. I’m also an associate (soon to be full) professor at the AgCenter in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. I have worked in the area of disaster risk reduction for the past 21 years and am excited to join the flood mitigation group.