Session 11: Post Release and Adoptions (August 1st)

Hey all, @may23cohort! We’re meeting shortly, so I apologize for the late post here in our forum with the slides and handout for today. See you shortly!


Thanks for a great session last week! The life after release is an exciting period to show the support that the community has towards the book and to see your hard work pay off. What starts out as just a project team in the scoping phase turns into what we think of as the ‘community of practice’ around your book, including adopters, adapters, readers, and more, all around the world. Behold the power of collaboration and open education!
Tomorrow, we’ll be moving into our final session in Phase 1 of the TSP! Join us tomorrow, where we’ll be reflecting on the past 12 weeks and looking ahead to Phase 2. We hope to see everyone there, so we can spend some time as a group to look back and plan ahead!