Session 2: Project Scoping (October 2022 B Cohort)

Hi @oct22-b-cohort!

I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for Session 2, which will be about project scoping. The agenda will include the following. We’ll begin workshopping the project summary during the session!

  • Identify tools to help your team work productively
  • Discuss the value of open licenses for you OER
  • Locate OER that match your teaching intentions
  • Plan and share a project summary

Here are links to the slides and the handout .

If you haven’t done so yet, please make sure to post your updates from this past week under the Session 1 thread:

  • What activities have you managed to complete?
  • What challenges have you faced and what solutions have you found to address those?
  • Leave a few thoughts around the items that excite you, you would like to know more about, or you have questions about with regards to the upcoming Session 2: Project Scoping [Read the initial 5 slides]

See you tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the excellent session today, @oct22-b-cohort! Before dropping a lot of information on you, I want to point out that the Week 2 homework is at the bottom of this recap announcement. I’ve included links to any documents and locations that are relevant to a particular task. Let me know if you run into any issues.

Otherwise, here’s the chat transcript from today. See below for the session recap, then the homework checklist. The final homework item is to post a response to this thread before Session 3!


Today’s session was all about Project Scoping. We chatted about why having a clear understanding of the purpose and goals of your OER is critical to a successful publishing process - as I mentioned, think of Project Scoping as the W5H (who, what, when, where, and how!) of your project. This is an exciting part of the publishing process, where you get to really think about what your project will look like!
A first step in this process is for you to set up systems and tools that will help your team collaborate, communicate, and stay organized during this process! This also allows for everybody to feel fully involved and contribute seamlessly, i.e. access, discuss, write, edit, and/ or format your OER. If you haven’t done so yet, please finalise this setup with your teams.
Prior to our next session, please complete the activities listed on your Handout for Session 2 [link above], under the Homework Activities. I’ve copied the checklist to the bottom of this recap. The checklist includes further working on your Project Summary [link above], and starting to locate suitable OER in your discipline. While it may seem overwhelming at first, work through it together, and your future selves will thank you for it!

Reminder to take Baseline Survey

For those who haven’t yet taken our LOUIS baseline survey, this is a friendly reminder and invitation to do so. It will close on Sunday October 30, 2022.

Homework Checklist

I have contributed to the Project Summary draft that guides our team in the Scoping Process.
I have shared some of the relevant scoping information on our public-facing project homepage (click on your group, then the Project Summary thread).
I recognize the value of open licenses as a base for choosing an appropriate open license for our own project down the road.
My team discussed teaching intentions and student audience to help us locate suitable OER for inspiration or remixing purposes.
My team discussed the tools with which we will organize our content, streamline our communication, and coordinate our writing and publishing.
I started locating existing OER in my discipline.
I posted an end-of-Week 2 update to the Session 2 Thread. (see details in the prompt immediately below)

Share Team Progress Updates in Forum

To let each other know of the progress you are making as you are working through the tasks of the week, post your reply to Session 2: Project Scoping thread in the Discussion Forum prior to our next session:

  • What activities have you managed to complete?
  • What challenges have you faced and what solutions have you found to address those?
  • Leave a few thoughts around the items with regards to the upcoming Session 3: Storytelling and Communications [Read the initial 5 slides]
    • that excite you,
    • you would like to know more about,
    • or you have questions about.

Enjoy your week ahead!


Some of the links in the Homework section are taking me to the Cohort D posts.

Thank you for pointing that out, Karen! I’ve updated the post accordingly so all relevant links should take you to the Cohort B posts.

Hi @kaitlin,
When I clicked on the “public-facing project homepage” that you highlighted and linked in the Session 2 update, and then I clicked on the CMAT 1313 Finite Math Cohort link, I see topics related to the July 2022 M-2 cohort, the February 2022 C cohort, the October 2022 A Cohort, and other different cohorts. I really can’t figure out what to post where and who is supposed to see what I post. At this time, I am trying to familiarize myself with the Rebus platform, and seeing all the other posts addressed to other cohorts makes focusing on my cohort quite challenging. Can you tell me what I am supposed to be looking at when I click on the “public-facing project homepage” and is the page really public-facing or is it public among Rebus users?


Hi @kellis1 ,

Thanks for reaching out! I think I may know where the confusion is coming from. When you click into your project discussion page, you should see the same as the image below, which contains only topics about your project:

However, when you click into a topic (for example the Team Meet & Greet - CMAT 1313 Finite Mathematics) the bottom of the page shows “Suggested Topics” like the image below. Let me know if this is what you’re seeing and having trouble with.

To simplify, there are two main discussion pages you’ll be using this year:

  1. The Cohort Discussion Page, which contains all cohort-related information and communication, including session summaries and updates, as well as a general “About the October 22 B Cohort - October 22 B Cohort

  2. Your Project-Specific Discussion Page (all links to projects can be found in the “About the October 22 B Cohort” topic of the cohort discussion space), which contains all project-related information, including information & updates about your teams, and project summaries.

All discussion pages are public-facing, however, to interact with any of the posts, one does need to be signed up to the forum.

Let me know if this explanation helps, and if not, I’m more than happy to set up a call with you and anyone else in the @oct22-b-cohort who is having troubles navigating the forum, and we can walk through it together.



Is there something we should post this week. I am not seeing anything. Thank you in advance.
Donna Densmore

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Hi Donna,

The homework checklist & progress update questions are listed further up in this thread under my recap post. Let me know if there’s any issues with accessing it. Have a great weekend!

I attended both sessions this week and worked on the Project summary with Bimal. The forum is still a challenge but I will just keep working on the navigation. I’m ready to begin the actual work on the project.


Hi @kaitlin -

We spoke about the Project Summary document in our November cohort meeting. I gave each cohort a deadline of Sunday, December 18 to have all comments made on the document being shared in our Google Drive.

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I have contributed to the College Algebra Project Summary page and have located some additional OER materials for the team to consider.

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